Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing special to say.....

Really...I am not an avid blogger, but I do love to read.....

I am not out for generating big numbers of followers......

I just wanna say that I make real dear friends here.

you may now go about your regularly scheduled surfing.


  1. Part of what makes what you have to say special is that you don't feel the need to blurt out every stray thought, so what you do have to share IS special.

    Be well!

  2. my wife trained me well......on the blurting out part....why now....I just wouldn't dare. (but then that's just me)

  3. teeheehee. i am trying to win a prize for you over at Phelan's. just cuz i think that you are a very sweet guy. cross your fingers that i'll win. i also learned today that you were there for my friend Mr. Rat. go figure, eh? i'm gonna win that prize for ya buddy!

    your friend,
    (p.s. - i check every new post that you put up!)

  4. any time you got something to say, I want to hear it. your friend,rat

  5. Hey Warlock,
    Great to have you as a friend. When you chat (even briefly) people listen :-)

  6. What Sandy said....we're proud to have you as a friend.

  7. LOL- you get more comments on "I have nothing to say" than most people get trying to say something.

  8. Warlock sorry I am so late coming on as a follower. Crammimg your last couple post in one comment. Prayers for the little girl Done! Being a biker ain't no thing Bro!I've seen ya around Seem like a good dude to me!Some of my best post started out with nothing to say.You hang with my buddy the Rat so I recon that makes ya ok! Get your ass in gear and post.I will link ya up asap!