Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank You

Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes in the passing of Granny.
It is such a small world we live in.

A little of the playback from the funeral.

I was sort of shocked, standing outside the church, just before services began.
when a roar was heard coming down the road......A big line of Harley's, two by two came rolling
into the church parking amazing sight.....My brothers all dismounted and hugged me
and told me "you surely don't think we are gonna let you go through this alone..."
They were welcomed by the rest of my family, though my mother was a spectacle
going around making them all take their hats off before coming into the church....I was blessed, and proud.
My Granny would have been tickled.
It was when hugging my bros that I finally broke down and cried.

Why oh why though I wonder was everyone so into taking pictures of me????
I wore a suit for my Granny's funeral....I went out and bought one just for that.
I never not ever wear a suit....all my life it has been jeans and leather for me.

The tolerance I have for others is one trait I gained from my Granny. The best of me came from her.
It was an honor that my aunts, uncles and dad asked me to be a pall bearer.

My suit has been hung up.
Life is back to normal insanity.
My Granny lives on in me.

oh yeah.....I did not ride the Harley to the wife was afraid I would ruin my suit, so I had to ride in the truck with her.

Again, thank you all.


  1. Thoughts are with you, and I'm sure your Granny was smiling as all your brothers came riding in.

  2. bahahahaha! your wife wouldn't let you ride your Harley because you would ruin your suit...oh your Granny would really appreciate that, buddy! i am so sorry but i can't stop laughing at that! your Granny had manners and knew what was proper! and thankfully, so does your wife!

    but buddy, i am so glad that your friends were there for you. it's times like these that we know who our friends are. i am glad that they were there and i am glad that you were able to cry. you have to get out the grief in order to remember the good, and be the man that your Granny wants you to be.

    proud to call you brother. even if i only ever rode a scooter. live to ride, brother - live to ride!

    your friend,

  3. I think that is awesome that your brothers all showed up in a line of must have been an awesome sight. and like you said Granny would have been tickled pink.
    Like Kymber said: You truely know who your friends are.
    Again, thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family. We are sorry for your loss.

  4. Hey, so sorry for your loss. I just came by to congratulate you on winning something over at Oklahoma transient(sp)

  5. When I worked for the fire department, my death would have involved a grand processions of trucks and engines and the flag hanging from the aerial truck.

    Now? I'd love nothing better than a line of bikers. Such a tribute. Brotherhood in every form has our backs.