Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hometown proud

I had to drive down to Atlanta on a service call today. The interstate. Had miles of Line trucks and support vehicles headed towards the hurricane area to assist in restoring power...the majority of the trucks were my home town. GREGORY ELECTRIC from Columbia SC.....and not not mention a former employer of mine.

I call those linemen real American heros.
Like the army rushing to battle....made me proud.


  1. linemen don't get enough kudos for all of the crappy work that they do! great post buddy and thanks for reminding us that linemen are average, normal guys who risk life and limb doing their job. just like the army!

    your friend,

  2. I didn't know Gregory Electric had linesman, I always thought they were a straight up electrical outfit. That is what they bid up in Raleigh, so maybe that part of the outfit only works out of Columbia.

    1. Yep...they started with one old bucket truck changing light bulbs in parking this.
      I used to work for them in the commercial and then industrial electrical divisions, construction.....back in the 1980's....and I could climb poles back in my younger days too....not now though.

  3. As well you should be proud. Hard working fellas.

  4. good to see some people still care. People should go out and thank them instead of bitching all the time!

  5. in 2004 when we were slammed with 4--yes FOUR storms. Our power went out during hurricane was out for a week. The most beautiful site, was the Santee-Cooper power trucks that fixed the blown transformer and gave me back our precious AC. Senior and I stood under the vents in the house while cold air blew on us..that was the best nights sleep we had. I will never forget those guys who drove down here, left their families to help out strangers...