Saturday, January 19, 2013

a little scare

Had a bit of a scare today.

I was taking my ten year old daughter to the flea market, where we have a business set up in
a warehouse space. We were riding in an old 97 Toyota corolla I recently bought, when the car began slowing down on its own.

I tried to make it into a parking lot, but it came to a dead stop, mostly in the road. The front brake pads were smoking, and locked down solid.

I told my kid to get out of the car, and away from the road, just in case the car got tagged in the ass.
I sit in the car trying to get her to move, motor runs, no move, brakes locked....damn....

The kid freaking out telling me to get out of the car before I got plowed.....I am getting a tad worried looking in the mirror. Ok....yeah, I am starting to freak out a bit.....this ain't happened before.

A pick up pulls up behind me and driver asks if I need help....tells me I am in a real bad spot....I explain the situation, and he lines his front bumper up with back of car and pushes me to safety.....blood pressure begins dropping now.

The fine gentleman suggests it ay be the master cylinder sticking. hmmmmmm......

My wife finally gets there in my big ass Ford super Crew....yay.....

I find myself totally tools....not even my trusty Gerber multi-tool. I usually never go anywhere without it. I asked wife if there is a Harley Davidson carburetor adjustment tool in the truck...
??????? A HAMMER....... She brings me a 24 inch pipe wrench....close enough. A little banging on the master cylinder.....and my planets have realigned....brakes working again.

She follows me home, then takes the kid back to our "storefront" with her.....all is well again.

Just had to get that off my chest.....


  1. Sorry to hear the Toyota was giving you trouble. I am happy to hear you and your daughter were not involved in an accident because of the situation.

  2. Hey Bro Glad you and your daughter are ok! It's cool that there are still good folks out there willing to help strangers.Could of been a bad situation!


  3. Pucker factor times two. The Good Lord was on your side.

  4. give your daughter and your wife an extra hug! glad you guys are ok

  5. thank goodness for the fine gentleman who stopped to help. it was a very smart thing to get your daughter out of the car pronto! i hope that by the time you read this that the shock has worn off. sometimes when these things happen it takes a few days to stop feeling "wobbly". so glad to hear that everything turned out ok. big sigh of relief!

    your friend,

  6. I have always said that "help will arrive in a pick-up truck". Men in trucks are usually hard working people who don't mind pulling to the side of the road for someone in trouble. It just seems to me that there would have been some visible oil on your rims if it was the master cylinder. Maybe I should start carrying a hammer in my truck along with my 9mm.

  7. I would be scared too. When I was about 4 or 5 my dad was crossing a 6 point intersection when he suddenly stopped the car, a 63 chevy, and popped the hood. I'm sitting in the front seat, it's 1971 what the hell, and he opened the air cleaner and flames were shooting up to the hood. I can't imagine my dads fear in the middle of that intersection. Some guy from one of the corner gas stations came running over with an extinguisher and put out the fire, that car never ran right again though.

  8. I know it happened months ago, but that was scary.