Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank You

Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes in the passing of Granny.
It is such a small world we live in.

A little of the playback from the funeral.

I was sort of shocked, standing outside the church, just before services began.
when a roar was heard coming down the road......A big line of Harley's, two by two came rolling
into the church parking amazing sight.....My brothers all dismounted and hugged me
and told me "you surely don't think we are gonna let you go through this alone..."
They were welcomed by the rest of my family, though my mother was a spectacle
going around making them all take their hats off before coming into the church....I was blessed, and proud.
My Granny would have been tickled.
It was when hugging my bros that I finally broke down and cried.

Why oh why though I wonder was everyone so into taking pictures of me????
I wore a suit for my Granny's funeral....I went out and bought one just for that.
I never not ever wear a suit....all my life it has been jeans and leather for me.

The tolerance I have for others is one trait I gained from my Granny. The best of me came from her.
It was an honor that my aunts, uncles and dad asked me to be a pall bearer.

My suit has been hung up.
Life is back to normal insanity.
My Granny lives on in me.

oh yeah.....I did not ride the Harley to the wife was afraid I would ruin my suit, so I had to ride in the truck with her.

Again, thank you all.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The call...

I was on my Superglide riding to work yesterday. I could hear my wife's ringtone playing on my phone over the sound of my Harley as I swept my card in front of reader to open the gate at work.....
"Funny.....she knows I am on the bike going to work..."

I pull in and park, check my phone......whoa.....lots of missed calls....not a good sign.

I call my wife back and ask what's up.....

"Granny is gone, she just passed away"....I am stunned.....

I walk in my office area and tell my co-workers the deal, and that I had to go....not a problem.

Crank the Harley up, make it out on the highway and open it up....and broke the sound barrier, my family needs me.

My Granny lived to be 93 years young. In the end, dementia got the best of her. I visited very recently and knew it was just a matter of days, and it was.

I got there in RECORD time, and Granny would have blistered my ass for riding that way....She and Grandaddy helped raise me when I was young. They always believed I would become the man I am today. My grandfather left us in 1994. My uncle Ray, who I am the closest to in my family, had been Granny's primary caregiver for the last few years was instrumental in my growing up was suddenly without his Mom....
I was on mission, family needed me. I got there before the funeral home folks....I raced through a helluva thunderstorm, but I got there.

I stayed with my uncle till the wee hours of this morning.....I would not leave until I was sure he was gonna be okay. All the arrangements taken care of.....we parted, all the rest of the family who showed up long since gone their ways home......My ride home was a little bit slower.

In less than two months I will turn fifty years old. Today it hits me.....I am still a kid and I miss my Granny.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darn it.....

Rode the big ole maroon and black Harley a few counties away to hang out with some of my brothers.
Not a real long ride, but a nice ride.....
About half way there it sounded like a pool ball started slamming around somewhere in the motor....a real
oh shit attention getter.....
Just so happens one of the brothers runs a bike shop down where I was headed, and we were all meeting there
anyway. I tarried on, though I slowed down a little.

Well.....I thought the racket was coming from the primary, which is the chain drive/clutch stuff area between the motor and transmission. I got some tools and took the inspection covers off and felt around, and used one of the handy dandy telescoping magnet things to see what I could find in there too....nothing out of the ordinary.....hmmmm.....okay. put it all back together.

Everyone finally arrived and we rode to a restuarant to hang out and eat. Had a great time, and one of the guys present was just somebody rolling down the road, and hooked up with one of my brothers to hang out and ride too....a stranger we all made feel welcome, a construction worker here for a job....ANYWAY... When we had all finished,  I asked where the checks were, so I could pay up. I find out the stranger who we all just met paid for ALL our food....damn....I asked what?????????? The guy said he did it because we showed him a good time, friendship, and made him feel we left the waitress a helluva tip.

We all depart and head our own ways. One of the bros stayed with me halfway home before he had to ake his left turn....just making sure I did not have any problems with the bike.....and then the damn racket started up again. I hate noises I cannot ID. Then from out of no-where another of my bros pulls up beside me on his hawg. At a stop light I asked where the hell he came from, and told him how happy I was to see him. We stop at a gas station and I fill him in on what is going on with the noise.....he stayed with me all the way home.

I made it home with the darn motor intact....I am thinking maybe something is amiss in the transmission. Oh well...we are home safe, I will get around to looking into this week....I still have more Harley's to ride. Just lucky to have made it home becauseit ain't no fun to have the tranny lock up at 60+ mile per hour.....leaves a helluva skidmark....and I just ain't talking about on the road.
Then I come in and take about a four hour nap......

And that is my boring Sunday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing special to say.....

Really...I am not an avid blogger, but I do love to read.....

I am not out for generating big numbers of followers......

I just wanna say that I make real dear friends here.

you may now go about your regularly scheduled surfing.