Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a little bit....

The Warlock....simply means that I am a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club, and Sundance is a name I have been called since I was about thirteen years old. ( I one of them mutant zombie bikers I read so much about?)

I just turned 49 a week ago....some will still call me bones rattle in debate.

I love Harley's, currently own and ride three of them....been riding more than thirty years now.

I own a couple of small businesses, one in which I service CNC sheet metal fabrication machinery, to include turret punch presses, laser cutting systems, shears, press brakes. My other business is custom embroidery, sewing, antique sewing machine restoration. Because of this tepid economy, I have taken on a full time job in order to keep the bills paid and for the health insurance.

I have three daughters ranging in age from 18 to 9, two sons, one 25 the other grandkids.

Will get around to espousing more more of what it is to be me....soon.....hoping those who have thus joined will stay on board after digesting the biker zombie part.

(and to those who have hit the follow button....I always look forward to reading about your days...I learn a lot from you guys)

Monday, September 26, 2011

The beginning

I am new at this. Time, trial and error will dictate the success here. Please bear with me.