Friday, October 14, 2011

a little bit more
(I am the web master)

Guess what is coming to my neck of the woods......
Here in South Carolina
Naturally I am gonna steer clear of this.


  1. nice site - the history is intriguing!

    i would think that for all your hard work you do, your brother might get you a real bullhorn ;-)

    sorry your neck of the woods is about to be highjacked, happening in canada now, toronto, vancouver...soon it's gonna be reduced to "occupy your own home" ;-)

    good job buddy!

  2. I'm sure the Obama administration and the labor unions will see to it that "Occupy" lands in every state at least once if not more.

    By the way - I have a couple of pictures posted today that you may enjoy.


    PS I lived in Charleston for a few years and will always love SC. Such a beautiful place, filled with history.

  3. Hey warlock. I have gotten to know you well enough that you understand the difference between fearing what's real and fearing what everybody believes to be real.Fear is not something you should catch from another person like a cold. You know the difference. Watch out for yourself brother

    the mohave rat