Wednesday, November 16, 2011

something I have noticed

How many folks have noticed that you don't see too many pick up trucks with gun racks sporting rifles in the back windows anymore?

Down here in the southeast I grew up seeing that EVERYWHERE.
Unattended trucks in parking lots with the guns in the racks. No worries.
All sorts of places....redneck trucks with gun racks, and guns......
What's up with that?


  1. The answer is simple. Thieving damn Democrats. I, once upon a time, had a gunrack in the back window of my truck. Never had a problem. Then, democritters found rifles and pawn shops work like icecream and cake.

  2. i'll have to agree with Stephen. back in the city - you had to lock everything up. but here in the country - thank goodness people are honest and if anyone ever stole from anyone - well you know what would happen!

    your friend,

  3. I see them here. I don't have one in my truck.

    Some reason your posts aren't coming up on my feed. hmmmm

  4. Maybe 'cause everybody's going into "hoarding" mode. Rumors of guns and ammo getting outlawed or rationed, pushes the collectors to start collecting... instead of displaying.

    When people start to feel unprotected... they learn to protect themselves.

  5. I think it's primarily the theft problem. I remember back-in-the day gun racks and would like to have a rack in my truck (even a low profile rack) but fear the risk of theft. Hell, I don't even display NRA or hunting assoc. stickers on my truck for the same reason.I have a cheap revolver in the truck for the 'critters' to steal if they work for it. Hopefully they won't find my other handgun or the hidden 870 w/folding stock. Can't rack anything these days. Has to be hidden. Pity.