Thursday, March 15, 2012

government bullshit

I had two club brothers from Germany fly into the states to hang out in Florida with us during bike week.
They get off the plane and end up being detained for seven hours, no food or drink, treated like criminals
then escorted back to a plane to be sent back to Germany....

government agents explanation????

"Members of motorcycle clubs require special visa to enter the United States."

Never heard that one before. These guys wanted to visit Our great nation, caused to no problems, were not here to cause any problems. What the hell is up with that?


  1. i find that i am saying this more and more. and i don't like saying this. i am someone who can talk until the end of time.

    but in regards to this, i am completely lost for words. like, completely. lost. for words.

    this is really messed up.

    your friend,

  2. Like you said so very's government bullshit, plain and simple. Sorry for your friends. I hope this doesn't keep them from making another attempt to enter this, what was once our country.

  3. does that mean if you go to Germany, you won't be allowed to come back home? Messed up!

    the rat

  4. WHAT THE ........!
    How did they know that they were in a motorcycle club?

  5. That is really screwed up.... I hope your club brothers know that not all Americans are like that. It really does upset me that visitors are treated that way.

    On the other hand..hope you had a good time while at bike week... we live next to 95 and it was cool watching the constant flow of motorcycles.

  6. One area of improvement. We now treat foreigners and citizens equally in one regard. As a matter of policy, we will assassinate both citizens and non-citizens without a trial.