Friday, October 26, 2012

Making progress

The Superglide is OFFICIALLY running again!!!!
Runs pretty damn good at less than a quarter mile stretch of road in front of my house
I broke 100 mph.....(oh shit grab brakes....)
I think I am happy with its recovery.

The road king......wellllllllll.............
I drained the gas from the tank....(stuff always breaks when the tanks are full for some reason)
Removed the tank to inspect the wiring.....uhhhhhh.....nothing abnormal.
Okay....took the tail light off.....BINGO......
A while back I had replaced the tail light with one of them fancy LED ones......
Seems there is a chafed wire where the wiring goes through the fender.

Run out of time to work on the bagger though. Will be on the road all weekend on the
Superglide. Places to be, people to see. The bagger will wait.

Thanks Phelan for the input from Dan.....


  1. Anytime. You know how to reach me if you want to bounce problems off of him.

  2. Ugh, I have to stop reading your posts to him! Ok, if everything is going out when you turn right only, the tail light wire might be a coincidence. He suggest a possible broken ground at the right side neck near the harness loop retainer.

    I am going to start charging him for typing.