Monday, September 26, 2011

The beginning

I am new at this. Time, trial and error will dictate the success here. Please bear with me.



  1. It takes some getting used to, especially learning how to use all the different functions, but it's worth while in the long run. I've met a lot of good people by blogging.

  2. warlock:

    just go for it - tell your stories as you would a friend and the rest will follow... looking forward to reading - your blog name says it all..


  3. Warlock - glad to see you starting a blog! we started ours because of Stephen and Arsenius and Mudbug and a bunch others advice! and we are having a lot of fun and meeting a bunch of new people.

    i have read your comments on some of the other blogs i listed above and you seem like good people. can't wait for more posts!

    and if you have any questions - you already have 3 followers after only 1 post - i except you'll have a ton soon - and they and we are all here to answer any questions you have.


    your friend,