Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a little bit....

The Warlock....simply means that I am a member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club, and Sundance is a name I have been called since I was about thirteen years old. ( I one of them mutant zombie bikers I read so much about?)

I just turned 49 a week ago....some will still call me bones rattle in debate.

I love Harley's, currently own and ride three of them....been riding more than thirty years now.

I own a couple of small businesses, one in which I service CNC sheet metal fabrication machinery, to include turret punch presses, laser cutting systems, shears, press brakes. My other business is custom embroidery, sewing, antique sewing machine restoration. Because of this tepid economy, I have taken on a full time job in order to keep the bills paid and for the health insurance.

I have three daughters ranging in age from 18 to 9, two sons, one 25 the other grandkids.

Will get around to espousing more more of what it is to be me....soon.....hoping those who have thus joined will stay on board after digesting the biker zombie part.

(and to those who have hit the follow button....I always look forward to reading about your days...I learn a lot from you guys)


  1. Warlock - well you scared me off with that one buddy - i'm outta here - bahahahaha! naw 'jes teasin' witchya!

    anyway - here's a long, drawn out story for you that i would to share - i think that you will appreciate it!

    i rode a yamaha vino scooter to work everyday for about 7 years. at that time, very few people rode scooters, although they have become much more popular now! the vino kind of looks like an italian vespa - it is really cute. i would ride through this area where there was a lot of bus stops and all the kids would wave and i would honk the horn and loved doing that everyday - kinda made me feel like a celebrity.

    then i would get to this one 4-way intersection and noticed that these 3 harley-riding dudes got there just before, or just after me or i wouldn't see them. so i started trying to time my arrival to theirs. they pulled up beside me one day, and we chatted. they let me jump off the red light first. we met everyday and exchanged phone numbers. they told me to call if i ever had trouble in traffic. they were awesome.

    continuing on, they would always pull up one beside me and 2 behind. as the vino went from 0-30mph in seconds - once the red light turned, they would let me make my grand "jump off the red" in front of everyone. my vino only did 30mph so once there, couldn't go any faster. but they always let jump and then they would rev up their engines, toot as they blew by me and would yell "live to ride sister".

    and i always yelled back (although you couldn't hear me over their engines) - "live to ride brothers".

    so, new friend, live to ride!

    oh one last thing - that's quite the numbers of family you got there eh? lucky, lucky man!

    your friend,

  2. hey warlock!

    good to know more about you - fascinating life and times - love the sundance name you have!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting... Good Luck with the blog. I havent even hit my one year yet but I'm having fun!

  4. I don't think you are in the mutant zombie biker crowd. That's a euphemism for outlaws. You'll fit right in with this bunch, a lot of the people I see at get togethers ride motorcylces of one sort or the other. Nor is there any standard appearence or profile, it's a big community. The preppers include just about everything philosophy wise you could imagine. The survivalists tend to be older and more conservative but most of them are good folks.

  5. Hey warlock, welcome. Look forward to hearing more from you.