Sunday, October 16, 2011

The weekend

I looked forward to this weekend. Saturday we rode in a pack to our Lee County clubhouse. Always a sight having a pack of twelve Harley's  rolling down the interstate doing our thing.

Had a good old time hanging out with the brothers. Then I got the phone call that I needed to show up to work
New equipment installation, engineers and customer needed me to be there to make damn sure come Monday morning the system would much for sleeping late.

Now, just finished watching all of season one of the "Walking Dead" on Netflix. (yeah sure they come back to life) Funny thing is that since I have gotten into the "prepper frame of mind",and then finally THE WIFE saw the wisdom in it....we watch zombie movies and tv shows. What kind of damn sense does that make. (Actually I spend more time with my hands covering my eyes asking the wife if the gross stuff is over yet)

A real BIG SHOUT OUT to the Mohave Rat....Who I admire reading very much.


  1. nice looking group you got there!!

    have you seen the movie zombieland, kymber and i watch it over and over (no tv and our wireless internet in the boonies is too slow for netflix)

    the prepper/zombie metaphor is really well portrayed and it is funny as hell!

    cheers buddy!

  2. glad to hear that you had a nice weekend with your brothers! as for zombie shows/movies...have you seen Zombieland with Woody Harrelson? me and hubby own the DVD and have watched it probably close to 50 times now - it gets funnier everytime we watch it!

    i think when we become "preppers" we realize the similarity of zombies and walking dead as a metaphor for the sheeple. hence the watching zombie movies and tv shows! we don't have tv but we have several favourite movies that we watch over and over - if you haven't seen Zombieland - get it. you'll scream with laughter and pretty much wake the dead!

    your friend,

  3. The two seem to go hand in hand, since we're all preparing for the zombie apocalypse, haha. And it's interesting that even television shows are getting in on it, with all the new end of the world-type series that started last season.

  4. I enjoy a good zombie novel Kris said, hand in hand...

  5. BTW, just linked you at my blog, sorry for the oversight.

  6. Hey, a new blog! I'll bookmark you and see what you do with it.