Thursday, November 10, 2011

Florida Bound

Rolling out to Florida for the Biker Bash in the morning.
It is predicted to be 35 degrees when we pull out on the bikes.

The only real question is.....which one shall I ride?
Soooooo.....I asked the wife and she said the bagger....

Gonna be riding eight hours down to help raise money for 
"Big brothers and Big sisters" 

The weather down in Cocoa Beach is predicted to be nice this weekend.
Getting there is gonna be like cold as hell across Carolina.
Maybe I will take some pictures.


  1. take many pictures please! and have an awesome time! and thanks for helping out such a worthy cause - i appreciate it!

    your friend,

  2. Its cool here too...forecast calls for 36 Saturday morning...stay safe.

  3. have fun, ride safe and, yes, take lotsa pics!!!