Wednesday, November 16, 2011

beautiful day

It is a fairly warm day here in South Carolina.
Last night I rode the "bagger" home from work with short sleeves on, no jacket.
A rarity this time of year.
Today I rode the "bagger" to the shop and dropped it off to have a new front tire installed.
I wore it out on the Florida run.

Still have not gotten around to digging out the camera
and uploading pictures from the run. Just feeling blah over the loss of a
club brother. We are on tap to go back down in December to celebrate
his life. Then at the end of the night, his vest with his club patch is burned.

Leaving for work now, more later.


  1. i can completely understand feeling "blah" after this. i just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with his family...and with you. this sucks, Warlock. but i am so glad that you all will attend the celebration of his life.

    take extra care of yourself over the next couple of days, okay, buddy!

    your friend,

  2. good to hear you are having nice weather but i understand your "blah" - what else could you feel?

    sounds like a real and proper ceremony you have planned to honour your brother, a rarity these days. it's nice to know that some people still know how to do it right. a salute to you and all of yours.

  3. Sounds like a right and proper ceremony. I hope my good friends feel that I am worthy of a proper send off when my time comes. Condolences...